Smart Bus Shelter

means digitization of urban mobility and it brings the needs of new IoT equipments installed into the Bus Shelter. With connectivity into the city IoT platform and communication bus brings the necessary IoT data on the edge layer of Smart

CitySys – Smart Public Pole – part II.

Data Visualization KPI of the city over data from Public lighting Pole Data preparation for deep analysts Identification of anomalies by crossing data from different devices on the timeline

CitySys – Smart Public Pole – part I.

GUI userfriendly environment and Smart City IoT platform Integration of all real time dates into one place even each from IoT devices is on different communication protocol Status of each device placed on public lighting pole

CitySys – Smart Public Pole as the best way to support Smart City infrastructure from IoT devices placed into Pole up to real tíme data aggregation, visusalisation and analytic

We offer Turnkey solution from IoT devices placed into Pole up to real tíme data aggregation, visualisation and data analytic

CitySys offers excellent reporting tools integrated directly into the system

GUI by CitySys

GUI by CitySys – offers a new disruptive look at the Smart City graphic user interface

Unification of data outputs and uniform design Reduced staff resources / higher productivity Cleaner audit trail and compliance with internal standards and regulations Fewer errors in reporting processes and unification of reports Improved remote availability

CitySys – Our Smart City digital twin platform

CitySys brings a new approach and 3D digital twin that allows cities to optimize their governance and create a new way for visual citizens to interact with the smart city.CitySys is one of most complete Smart city IoT system globally

Data-Driven Smart City System – all under one roof

CitySys helps cities to solve negative anomalies and events, based on interoperability between domains, automatic triggering of events to support early warning scenarios, predictive models and the city thus avoids all negative and undesirable conditions and impacts.