CitySys Benefits

❑ CitySys’ strong point is in the EDGE layer (the layer of physical devices and their device management, properly arranged on the shopfloor of the city) and the preparation of the environment for interoperability

❑ The interoperability itself and the launch of action scenarios by crossing domains, including various communication protocols, the launch of early warning systems, preparation triggers for third-party systems, …

❑ CitySys brings complete value chain of Smart Cities digitization

❑ CitySys is scalable, holistic, open and just based on standards

❑ CitySys creates and manage complete, scalable and sustainable digital ecosystems of cities

❑ CitySys is composed from a number of effective tools for visualisation, data analytics, data presentation and early warning system and everything together creates a homogeneous IoT system

❑ The system is not limited by the number of users or the number of installed digital points and IoT devices.

❑ CitySys do not limit the customer’s price in terms of digital points or users

❑ CitySys is cloud agnostic

❑ CitySys prepared as a cloud solution / or on-premise and as a multitenant system

❑ CitySys – IT and OT under one roof / IT and OT engineering at the EDGE layer level

❑ CitySys GUI modules will help you quickly orient yourself in the intuitive, user-friendly and ergonomic layout of the digital ecosystem of the smart cities

❑ CitySys brings a new approach and 3D digital twin

❑ CitySys / Performance dashboard offers excellent REAL TIME reporting tools integrated directly into the system without need additional IT support

❑ CitySys offers number of unique use cases, IoT solution vertical and IoT Smart City infrastructure