Emerson de Souza

Co-Founder and Head of Alliances

“I wanted to thank you so much for your time and for the excellent presentation. I had to organize a Q&A session in the end of the event to discuss specifics and next steps, given the interest of the participants.
It was very valuable and informative. Yesterday in the room, we had many customers, regulation and certification bodies, standard organizations, government representatives, and our distributors.
The feedback has been very positive.”

Alessandro Pellicanò

Global Sales & Business Development E-City

“Thank you for your presentation. We’ll consider your perfect solutions in our next commercial opportunities around the world.”

Matt Stagg

Managing Director

“Now, local government is up and running, and we are seeing more interest, and we also have great interest in systems such as CitySys”

Małgorzata Pawłowicz

CEE&Nordic European Enterprise Business Department

“Thank you for that meticulously prepared information about CitySys. I really appreciate you make it clear and transparent. Still working on many initiatives.

CitySys is great system and I really appreciate your technology.”

Fadi Hakim

Senior Architect

„I was discussing CitySys with our team, and we want to arrange with CitySys a couple of dive deep workshops to understand your offerings, solutions
and to agree on the framework and the ways how we collaborate for the next upcoming opportunities and projects.
CitySys with proper designed state-of-art EDGE layer with IT and OT homogeneous convergence,
Help Injazat as an IT company to transform effectively from IT to IoT“

S.H. Cho

Managing Director LVX Asia, SHC Lighting

„I Like CitySys IoT system and for me after a number of pilots, we are gradually preparing projects with our partners in Korea“

Stefano De Capitani

Presidente e Direttore Generale, Municipia S.p.A. - Gruppo Engineering

“We are mainly interested in CitySys physical devices layer, IoT data and device processing layer.
We are focused on business applications and outsourcing services and is looking for IoT technology partners, mainly in parking, waste, transportation and energy efficiency.”

Herve Dedieu

Novaccess, Swiss

“CitySys, an impressive and unique platform that brings multiple opportunities. The work you did is stunning, and the solution span is remarkable. The lab/showroom you have set up is an incredible achievement.”