CitySys graphic user interface – offers a new disruptive environment

  • everything in one place
  • user-friendly environment
  • all system embedded like irrevocable part of Smart City system
  • third party vertical IoT solutions ready for information exchange
  • launching early warning scenarios, predictive models directly in the system
  • minimizing the need for further IT development
  • creating triggers and launching events in third-party systems
  • all for the benefit of the user

CitySys – City Dashboard – dynamic exclusive 3D Digital Tein option (for extra charge to the basic price of the module)

CitySys brings a new approach and 3D digital twin that allows cities to optimize their governance and create a new way for visual citizens to interact with the smart city. The process of data collection in real time supported by such 3D visualization brings a comfortable overview of Smart cities and City management become much more effective.