Creating an early warning program is now easy. How can cities build early warning systems from scratch?

An Event-based Supply Chain Early Warning System is presented by CitySys that facilitates real-time identification of critical events within the supply network by using event data. As a result, adaptive situational control of all processes is enabled.

The early warning system is an integral part of the delivery of the CitySys system and a feature offered by CitySys, and you do not need any additional costs or IT development for it. An efficient and intuitive environment helps to set up interoperable scenarios across different domains of smart cities and this brings a new dimension of values for cities and works autonomously with the minimization of the human factor.


A tool directly integrated into the CitySys platform, which prepares the triggerization as well as the preparation of the entire edge layer, integration, aggregation and event settings for dynamic action ( for example advertising management.) This model logically connects us through a clearly defined interface with all components, 3rd part software or other services ( for example managing advertising content).