Terms, Abbreviations and Symbols (TM)


It represents the basic digital object that is visualized on the City Dashboard. It has two types of properties:

  • Technical ones that are represented by the Entity Type
  • Semantic, which are entered when creating or managing a digital point (name, position, shape, etc.)

A logical view of Entities from a definition point of view looks like this:  An Entity contains a set of Attributes and each Attribute can be defined using Parameters.

Entity Type

It represents the technical definition of an Entity, which consists of Attributes of type Entity.

Attribute (of Entity)

It represents one property of the Entity defined using the Entity Type (e.g. object color, temperature value, etc.)

Parameter (of Attribute)

It represents the possibility of setting up and specifying certain properties of the Attribute.

JSON format

JSON stands for Javascript Object Notation, and simply put, JSON is a javascript object written as a text string.


It represents a place where input data from various devices and software are processed and converted into JSON message format.


In computer science, IPsec (IP security) is the name of a security extension of the IP protocol based on the authentication and encryption of each IP datagram. In the OSI architecture, security is already at the network layer, and therefore transparently provides security to any transmission (any network application).